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asdf by KristaDLee

A demon is on the loose. Who will get him first?

The Salt Islands was thought to be a perfect world, attracting immigrants for generations. With the arrival of the 20th century, buildings got higher, music got louder, crowds got bigger, languages more diverse, people rowdier, Model Ts and steam powered cars are starting to replace horse drawn carriages… Happy in their wonderful little world and new life, the people of the Salt Islands would never suspect the island's dark past was coming back to haunt them.

With the events of a great tragedy Heath Stockholm was revealed to be a demon with blood on his hands. He was hunted down & buried before long. The people could rest easy... until April 9th, 1910 when he showed up again. This time he is not so easily disposed of.

Wandering the islands, he claims to be searching for something. Who or what, no one knows. But that doesn't make him any less dangerous.

There are wanted posters of this man all over the world. Your character could come across the request of a man named Marius Pernod, the big boss of Scarborough, who wants Heath brought to him dead. On the other hand, your character could become acquainted with Inspector Mardra Finch who wants Heath brought to her alive. While they both offer a cash reward beyond your wildest dreams, Marius also offers political/social power while Inspector Mardra wants to aid science and research just how the demon was brought back to life.

Or your character could take a third option.

To some rare breeds across space and time, spirits will appear. They instead humbly request protecting Heath from the incoming assassins, hit men, and bounty hunters. Being bound to the spiritual realm, they cannot fight the bounty hunters themselves and need help. "He must find the key to restore our world to it's true nature," they say. They may not be offering money, but they can grant you "unlimited spiritual power" if Heath's mission is successful.

No matter which path your character follows, they will have to search the beautiful but hazardous world of the Salt Islands to find the wandering demon and beat the competition.

Will your character fight to kill or protect?




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Round 3 is in action!!! Happy hunting!

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Aus224 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
So, For anyone still looking around as to who won the Final round, here's the results; Stellartune's Ronnie and Mort won over PokeLucario's AJ and Harley.

Congrats to Stellartune.
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//slow clap
Aus224 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
So... journals being updated or is this just going to stay like this?
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The world may never know
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Haha true, will last facts stay forever on skype ? We don't even knowhow will the prices will be distributed, do we ? x')
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